About Glensheen

  • Deteriorating structures at Glensheen could collapse if not repaired in the next five years.
  • The Glensheen Estate is 12 acres and features gardens, bridges, and the 39-room mansion.
  • 120,000 people visit Glensheen annually. It is the most visited historic home in Minnesota.
  • Glensheen was donated to the University of Minnesota in 1979.
  • Glensheen was built by the Congdon family in 1908.
  • The Congdon family played a major role in developing the Mesabi Iron Range and donated land for public use, including the North Shore Scenic Highway.

Project Description

Raise $4 million in non-University funds to match $4 million state investment

Stabilize and renew critical infrastructure at Glensheen:

  • Restore deteriorated garden terraces and walls
  • Renew HVAC and building systems
  • Envelope the Main (Manor) House and Carriage House
  • Replace the existing pier at the lakeshore (if funds allow)


  • Preserve the cultural legacy of one of Minnesota’s most impactful families
  • Restore and protect early-20th-century design and craftmanship
  • Increase accessibility to the entire estate
  • Improve visitor safety

State Request: $4 Million

  • Non-state funding: $4 million
  • Total project cost: $8 million