The Nooks & Crannies Tour- The Best of the Best

Glensheen has some pretty cool tours. It’s really just a fact. But in my mind, none of them can top the Nooks & Crannies tour. This is a tour that brings guests behind… READ MORE

Summer Evening Tour Highlights

Summer nights at Glensheen are pretty magical. The air cools down, the grounds light up, and the whole place has a new feel to it. It’s hard to capture that feeling in words… READ MORE

Your guide to a guide-free experience at Glensheen

If you haven’t been to Glensheen in the last few years-or months, really- you’ll probably notice some pretty major changes that have been made this past year. Most notably… READ MORE

Gowns of Glensheen: An Inside Look at Glensheen's Most Spectacular Soirées

Let’s be real, Glensheen probably hosted some pretty rad parties back in the day. Walking through the enormous mansion, it’s clear that the Congdons… READ MORE 

Go Beyond the Ropes- (But please, don't step on the rugs)

If you’ve visited Glensheen before, odds are it left some sort of impression on you. Maybe you left your heart in the breakfast room, or you’re still dreaming of taking in the home’s view of Lake Superior from the library. But perhaps… READ MORE

Full Mansion Photo Highlights

The full mansion tour gives you the best of both worlds at Glensheen: you get the perks of starting with a guided tour and the freedom… READ MORE

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat(house)

We found something cool.

Or rather, a construction crew dug up… READ MORE