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39 room mansion unlocked

Almost all rooms are open for you to see — many haven’t been open till the last two years. 15 in fact.

two story carriage house

Loaded with food, booze and history. Have you seen the second floor or the Garage? Now is your chance. All open.

Carriage House to the right — feel free to arrive how you want…bike or even Kayak.

Mustaches welcome

Chester would be proud

two shots in the dark

secretly located between the carriage house and mansion

That type of shot — have fun finding them

Be Silly

The photobooth

The FOOD — oh the food…

Don’t forget, this year the theme is the Congdon’s trip to France. So think French cheese, French Bread, all the great foods of France.

What is the food this year?

Check out (scroll down)

The booze

3 Cash Bars — Winter Garden, Carriage House and a Lakeside bar down by the Tischer Creek Peninsula.

For a cause

This event is a fundraiser to continue restoration efforts to the estate.

While touring the estate you get to witness past projects that came to life because of past donations and new ticket sale revenue. In the past we revealed Robert’s Room to the public, the Garage and Gardener’c Cottage. In addition, you will be some of the first to see this year’s new projects.

New basement floors — covered by an ugly red rug for 40 years, about a month ago we removed the red rug which was far past its prime and we now showcase the hardwood floor that is beneath it. We currently have a new rug in there, but we hope in the next year to have a replica made of the Turkish rug that once covered much of the Amusement Room.

Now you can see the hardwood of the basement.

Newly uncovered stenciling in Alfred’s room — this project will be so new, we don’t have a photo of it uncovered yet. It happens this week. Here is a photo with it partially complete. The white is acrylic white paint that covered the hand drawn stenciling which you see on the right.

The newly uncovered hand drawn stenciling of Alfred’s room.

Needless to say — you will be some of the first to see these new projects.

So come have an awesome time and support a worthy cause.

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