Of course, it’s well known that Duluth is a great summer destination — but have you seen the Northshore in autumn? Lake Superior and more specifically, the 12-acre Glensheen estate, captures so much that is great about the season.

It’s partially about the crisp air off that big body of water and the smells of the season. And just steeping oneself in it. There are many great spots to sit, relax and contemplate.

But many are drawn here for the colors. There is no lack of rich hues at Glensheen in the weeks to come. It makes for wistful sighs and great photography.

While there are plenty of photo ops everywhere you turn on the estate, there is also an official Photo Tour.

Why take a Photo Tour? The magical early morning light is reason alone to take it. This tour happens well BEFORE Glensheen is officially open to give photographers the best natural lighting and a nearly empty estate. Watching the newly risen sun off of the pier is a singular experience.

Also, because these tours are small, you can get the shot you want without lots of other visitors milling about.

That includes the most popular spaces such as the mansion’s Breakfast Room. It’s nice to linger and craft the exact shot you want to create.

The opportunities for macro shots, extreme close up photography, are everywhere. Professional and amateur photographers, alike, are welcomed. All types of cameras and tripods are encouraged, as both indoor and outdoor locations are visited.

Photo Tours are pre-sale only and can be ordered online or by calling 218–726–8910 or 888–454-GLEN.