So you may have heard:

  • We are open late (4pm to 9pm)
  • We have a new Summer Evening Tour (crazy cool new tour)
  • We opened a public bar by the shoreline of Lake Superior (4pm to 9pm)

Here are our tips for the best way to experience it.

1. Buy your tickets online

Our new Summer Evening Tour is selling well, and the best way to guarantee yourself a tour is to book line prior to arriving. Most tours sell out.

The earlier the better —

Seriously, book now —

2. Book a later tour and enjoy the estate prior.

Book a later tour (6:30 is ideal) and arrive a couple of hours earlier. Then you can spend time exploring the estate. There are 13 educational signs across the property to try and find. If you find all 13, you will have seen all of the best spots of Glensheen. Plus, this will give you ample time for #3.

no. #8 outdoor education sign

no. #11 outdoor education sign

no. 13 outdoor educational sign

3. Get dinner delivered to you down by the lake

One of the great things about our new Lake Superior Beach Club (Bar down by the lake) is you can grab a menu from the bar and order from several great local restaurants such as Northern Waters, Pizza Luce, Green Mill and local favorite pizzeria Sammy’s. The cool part… they will deliver to your table down by the lake. You read that right.

Have Sammy’s Pizza delivered to the table

4. Watch the Sunset over Lake Superior with an adult beverage

So now you have finished your late night tour and you are just looking to relax. What better way than to watch a sunset over Lake Superior while drinking a local craft beer or sipping on a nice glass of wine.

We actually have created a new bar down by the lake we call the Lake Superior Beach Club. Enjoy!

yep.. that is where the bar is.

We have board games and yard games for you.

The sunsets are never terrible with our endless horizon on Lake Superior