This fall, come to Glensheen, take a tour, see the sights, and hunt for pumpkins. We’ve found that hunting for items across the estate is one that folks old and young enjoy. So this is perfect for those kids at heart who want to get in on the pumpkin hunt, too.

Lucky for you, we are giving you a head start! Follow the handy dandy guide for the locations of the pumpkins to see if you can find them.

Pumpkin #1:

Your pumpkin hunting adventure will begin in the living room. After finding the pumpkin, be sure to appreciate the lavish finishes in this room. The woodwork is flamed mahogany (Anchorman, anyone?) and the facing of the fireplace is created from a rare Numidian marble.

Pumpkin #2:

You’ll find the second pumpkin in Marjorie’s bedroom. Many people don’t realize that many of the Congdon children were grown or attending school when the family moved into Glensheen. Marjorie was 21. She had just graduated from Miss May’s Finishing School in Florence, Italy.

Pumpkin #3

Pumpkin #3 is hidden in the servant’s quarters. Be sure to take note of the linen organization system. Each cabinet is marked with a number which corresponds to the room that the linens belong to, showing just how organized the staff needed to be to care for the 39-room mansion.The linen closet is one of our 15 recently opened spaces! You can even walk fully into this closet on our Servants Tour.

Pumpkin #4

The last pumpkin that you’ll find in the house can be found in the kitchen. This is the room in which the most “modernizations” have been made. Although the flooring, cabinets, and stove have been updated, the original marble hood is still in place and shows just how large the original stove was. Be sure to check out the annunciator system that is a favorite in this room.

Pumpkin #5

Pumpkin #5 is located in the formal garden. When you are done with your tour, we always encourage folks to explore the grounds and check out our 12-acre estate. Although the colors of summer are not showcased anymore, the structure of the garden itself is still something of beauty. It was designed by Charles W. Leavitt as an extension of the house.

Pumpkin #6

The sixth pumpkin may be the most challenging one to find. It is hidden in the Secret Forest, an area that is not known by many guests. This is a new space that we have created between the formal garden area and the overlook. If we were pumpkins, this would be the spot we would want to hang out in. It’s peaceful with a view of Lake Superior. Feel free to pop a squat on one of our logs and get your zen on.

Pumpkin #7

Pumpkin #7 is located on the boathouse staircase. Back in the day, the Congdons and their guests would climb these stairs to the rooftop that was designed as a patio. It was originally covered in art tile, and it was used for social gatherings. Robert, the Congdon’s oldest son, even had the band at his wedding play on top of the Boathouse!

For your safety, please do not climb the stairs, they are in rough shape, and they are designated as a staff-only area.

Pumpkin #8

Check the vegetable garden for the eighth pumpkin — hint: it’s NOT in the pumpkin patch. Today, the garden produces approximately 2,000 pounds of produce each year, and it is all donated to Duluth’s Second Harvest Food Bank. Plus, Glensheen works with the U of M Extension service to test out new species of plants and vegetables to see which ones grow best in our Lake Superior climate zone.

Pumpkin #9

The ninth and FINAL pumpkin is hidden on top of the Bent Brook Tunnel. Bent Brook is man made, and it was also designed by Charles W. Leavitt. The brook is lined with concrete with stones laid into in to create a babbling effect. This area is often overlooked by guests, so be sure to check this spot out!

Now that you have explored both the mansion and the estate and have found all the pumpkins, you can make your way back to the Gift Shop. Its location is designated by an owl icon on your card. In the Gift Shop you will claim your prize of completing the pumpkin hunt!