We like to say — it is always nicer in a Mansion.

Here are the top 4 Reasons

1. 7 out of 10 of our new tours take place inside.

Whether you take the Full Mansion, which goes to the 3rd floor and attic, or the Nooks & Crannies, which shows some of the secret spots of Glensheen. Have you heard about the living conditions of the servants of Glensheen on the New Servants tour? Have you tried any of these new tours yet? If the answer is no, let the rain be your excuse to see one of our new tours.

2. There is something comforting about being in a mansion during a storm.

This home was built to handle some of the worst conditions Lake Superior and Minnesota could throw at us. Plus, it was built to feel like a retreat. This is why US President Calvin Coolidge requested to spend a summer recess in the home. (Clara denied him).

In particular standing in the Library lined in Books and Mahogany you really feel a sense of comfort from whatever rain event is outside.


The Amusement Room and Billiards Room in the basement both always provide a sense of relaxation and isolation from the outside world. You can easily see why the Family chose these two rooms to celebrate Christmas during a Minnesota winter.

The only way it could be better would be if we could light a fire in the fireplaces.

3. Have you seen all the new spaces and the new restoration?

In the last few years, we have opened 15 new spaces at Glensheen, from the Garage of the Carriage House to Robert’s Room in the Mansion. In addition to that we have done a significant amount of restoration from revealing original hand drawn stenciling in Robert’s and Alfred’s Rooms to restoring the floors of the basement.


Notice the uncovered original stenciling

Old red rug (installed by UMD)

Basement floors restored

Billiards Room floor restored

Plus — we continue to change the pathways of the tour to more fully immerse you into the home as you walk around the home.

4. We will lend you an Umbrella.

Come borrow one of our umbrellas

Once you reach our Ticket house, you can borrow one of Umbrellas if need be, just to make your experience that much better.