Free Wednesday Nights with Clark the Shark

Hey, Michaela here with a fun update about Glensheen! I am a student at UMD and I am currently interning with Collections and Marketing at Glensheen.

Come one, come all!

Now, every Wednesday through the month of August we are offering the event series called, Free Wednesday Nights, for free Grounds Admission. You will have access to local galore here at Glensheen with toasty campfires, drinks, live music, a food truck, and ice cream — so much fun to go around for friends and family. Sitting by the lake after a long day, cold ice cream in hand, and live music playing as you watch the waves of Lake Superior along the shore.

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Shark on the Lake, Glensheen’s Love Creamery Ice Cream location. Open daily 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Open 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm on Free Wednesday Nights.

Love Creamery Ice Cream

Come to Glensheen to enjoy some Love Creamery ice cream by the lake. Love Creamery is a local business that started up in 2014, located in Lincoln Park. Love Creamery uses local and sustainable ingredients when making handcrafted ice creams and sorbets. In addition, this environmentally-friendly ice cream business also offers vegan and gluten-free options!

At Glensheen we offer a variety of their flavors, salted caramel which is the perfect sweet and salty combination, dark chocolate, a refreshingly sweet mint chip, a s’mores flavor that brings back the memories of summer nights, and vanilla. Yum!


Currently making our signature cocktail the Sharktail.

Shark Bar Catered by Bellisio’s

Our Shark Bar is catered by Bellisio’s from Canal Park, Duluth. Bellisio’s offers local brews like Castle Danger Cream Ale, Vikre Distillery cocktails, our signature drink the Sharktail and much more! Non-alcoholic beverages are also available at the Shark on the Lake.


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Shark Bar, Bellisio’s catering. Clark the shark featured behind the bar.

Fun Fact: Clark the Shark is just as big as Jaws! The shark from the movie Jaws was 25 feet long.

Delicious Grub

Look at all the topping choices for your authentic Mexican food! Zesty salsa, refreshing lime, cilantro, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, a cheese blend, and onion.


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Oasis Del Norte topping options for your Mexican food.


For our first (07/22) Free Wednesday Night we had Oasis Del Norte come and serve their authentic Mexican cuisine — delicioso! On July 29, we had K & B Grilled Cheese provide a variety of gourmet grill cheese sandwiches. Mama Roots came to Glensheen on August 5, serving up some creatively healthy cuisine. Mama Roots will be back for Free Wednesday Nights on August 19. The Rambler will be at Glensheen on August 12 and 26, with some awesome options for purchase.



Imagine the aroma of fresh grilled gourmet grill cheese… delicious!


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Enjoy the Grounds

Take a stroll through the Formal Garden. You can enjoy the grounds all evening. Well, until 10 pm because that’s when we close. We need to get our beauty sleep! You can check out what is in bloom or even download the free Glensheen app for a self-guided tour of the grounds.


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Family and friends enjoying Glensheen’s grounds at Free Wednesday Nights.


Glensheen has nicely lit paths for you to enjoy the evening with friends and family. You can be properly spaced apart for Covid-19 on Glensheen’s grounds with friends and family. There is lots of room for friends and family to enjoy the shore area and seating. Glensheen’s grounds are the perfect place for kids! Children love playing along the shoreline of Lake Superior and enjoy throwing rocks into the water. There is even a swing by Tischer bridge that you can to use. We have fires monitored by our trusty student staff to help keep you warm and toasty throughout the evening.


The people love concerts on the pier!

Live Music, Lakeside

Live music for you to enjoy, lakeside! One or two musicians will usually be playing on Wednesday nights for a short one hour set. Listen to music and watch the sun set over the shores of Lake Superior while being a safe 6-feet apart with drink in hand.


Musicians, Sonja Bjordal of feeding Leroy. July 29, 2020.


Picture this: ice cream in hand *or our signature Sharktail cocktail, if you’re of age*, hearing the waves of Lake Superior along the shore, and the tune of music as you enjoy the beautiful weather of Duluth.

I don’t know about you but I’d say that is a picture-perfect evening!


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Musician playing on the pier, July 22, 2020.


We highly recommend pairing a Free Wednesday Night at Glensheen with an afternoon tour of the mansion. Take a late afternoon tour and then head down to the Lake for an evening by the shore! Learn more about our tour offerings.

Masks are required in the mansion. It is not required to wear a mask outside, however, if you cannot maintain a 6 feet distance from another group please wear one. Throughout Glensheen’s estate there is plenty of room for proper social distancing. If you have any other questions about our Covid-19 preparations please feel free to ask or you can check out our Covid-19 safety plan.