North Shore Fall Colors - Top 4

Planning a trip up the North Shore this Fall? Not sure what should be on your must-see list? Well worry no more, Dan knows the top 4 places that are a must-see up the North Shore. Read more here!

The Perfect Duluth Day

Glensheen is located in an awesome city surrounded by amazing local businesses of all sizes. In this blog we dive into what a perfect Duluth day can look like. From Canal Park to Downtown Duluth to the Lincoln Park neighborhood and beyond Duluth is full or surprises. Read More…

Lift bridge reflects in water on lakewalk.

Date Night in Duluth - Why Glensheen is a Hidden Gem For Couples

Duluth is filled with hundreds of fun activities for every type of outing. At Glensheen we believe we are a hidden gem for those special couple moments. Learn more about why Glensheen is the perfect spot to reconnect, snaps some pics, and make memories that will last for a long time. Get ready to read about picnics, statues, and some nerdy Glensheen facts here!

A couple embraces on the stone arch bridge after a successful proposal

Top 10 Museums in Duluth

Duluth MN is home to the furthest inland port in the US, one of two lift bridges in the world, and was voted the #1 outdoor town in the US in 2014 by the Outdoor Magazine, more than that, it is also home to some of the best museums in the midwest. Get ready to learn about museums with kids activities, an incredible mansion, plenty of boats, trains, lighthouses, Ojibwe history, and a veteran’s museum here!

Aerial view of Duluth lift bridge

Museum Trips With Kids - How To Make The Most Of Your Trip To Glensheen

We’ve all heard various experts, parent bloggers, and friends share how good museums are for brain development, family bonding, and to get your kids off of their tablets. We’ve also all heard absolute horror stories of children breaking a 100-year-old lamp, getting left behind during a tour, or causing a scene that makes the whole family leave early.

At Glensheen, we understand why some families are hesitant to pack the kids in the car and take them to a museum. In this blog we are here to walk you through an experience with kids at Glensheen. After this blog we hope you feel confident and ready to take your kids on their next big adventure! Read More Here…

Tiny blue flowers are photographed with the mansion in the background.