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Gibson Girls (& Guys) Of Glensheen

May 26, 2023- October 22, 2023

A FREE Tour Enhancement

The Gibson Girls (& Guys) of Glensheen exhibit opens on Memorial Day weekend (May 26) and runs throughout the summer! This exhibit is a FREE enhancement for all paid guests touring the mansion. Guests must purchase either a Classic or Full Mansion self-guided tour ticket to see the entirety of the exhibit.

The exhibition showcases clothing and accessories of the era. Visitors can expect to see garments such as gowns, tuxedos, hats, and wool bathing suits will be displayed throughout the first three levels of the house. Chester’s original top hats will be featured along with other men’s attire.

Additional artifacts like hand fans, jewelry, and personal items give further insight into fashion at the time. As visitors explore this fascinating exhibit, they will gain a better understanding of how society has evolved over time and how fashion can reflect these changes.

What Is A “Gibson Girl”?

The Gibson Girl was a cultural icon, popularized by artist Charles Gibson in his drawings beginning in the 1890s.

This figure represented feminine beauty embodying sophistication and independence through style, demeanor, and physical appearance.

A red line sketch of a woman with long flowing hair on a 32 cent stamp for the USA. Text says Gibson Girl.

Hair in a high pompadour and loose curls framing the face became synonymous with the term ‘Gibson Girl.’

Gibson Girls symbolized traditional femininity and modernity in one image, resonating with women of the time. Helen and Marjorie Congdon epitomized the Gibson Girl of the early 1900s.

This exhibit is a must-see for anyone interested in learning more about the fashion of the past through the lens of Glensheen’s collection. Take a tour of Glensheen this summer to see the Gibson Girls (& Guys) of Glensheen exhibit for yourself!