In this blog we are going to highlight some of the incredible books, statues, and style that exists in Glensheen’s library. The library has a fireplace, plenty of incredible books, and a cozy curl-up-and-read spot overlooking Lake Superior.

One of the first pieces we want to draw attention to requires looking up. The ceiling in the library is made of anaglypta, which is an embossed-blended paper. This cotton-blend paper became very popular because of it’s unique structure and how easy it was to wash.

Next we’re going to look right at the portraits of Clara and Chester Congdon. These portraits were done by David Ericson, a Swedish immigrant who became a self-taught artist and eventually became one of Duluth’s most important painters. Clara’s portrait depicts her in 1907 and Chester’s portrait depicts him in 1904.

Famous artists are not the only people who get their work displayed in Glensheen. Clara Congdon enjoyed painting and was quite exceptional at it. Clara attended Syracuse University as a freshman in the first four-year graduating class. She was among the first seven women to graduate from the college, graduating with a degree in art. She went on to teach at Alexandria College in Ontario. In the living room is a copy of Peter Paul Ruben’s David that she painted.

Some of the most photographic spots in the library include the Dante and Virgile statues. These 2ft statues are always ready to strike a pose and never blink during the photo. This duo is made from bronze, and is known to depict a popular piece of Italian literature.We don’t know much about where they came from or who made them, but knowing the Congdon’s and their love for high-quality foreign purchases, we can assume the talent came from somewhere new and exciting.

Some other things to notice throughout the library would be the Italian wool tapestry that lines the wall. Here you can also see the presence of mahogany tying the room together. There are hanging lamps that hang on either side of the fireplace. These lamps were originally in an Egyptian mosque before they were brought to Glensheen.

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