Written Blogs

As Minnesota’s #1 historic house museum, Glensheen is never lacking for new and fun information. Join us as we discuss new tours, upcoming events, restore portions of the property, and discover new artifacts.


Read all about Glensheen’s new tours, newly opened spaces, and tour enhancements. View these blogs and more by Clicking Here.


Glensheen is always thinking of new ways to improve the visitor experience. Read about our free Wednesday Evening Series (there’s a new one each month!), the annual Gala, and more by Clicking Here.


Brimming with stories from the past, Glensheen has no shortage of fun tales surrounding the Congdons, their adventures, and Minnesota’s history. Click here to read more.

Collections & Preservation

A collection as special as Glensheen’s deserves the utmost care. Read how our staff facilitates restoration, cares for historic pieces, and discover new items as we do!  Click here to read more.


After more than 100 years, Glensheen has seen a fair amount of wear. Journey with the Glensheen team as we work to preserve and restore areas to keep the estate alive for years to come. Click here to read more.

The 'Sheener

Stay up to date with Glensheen’s latest and greatest by reading the monthly ‘Sheener. Learn about new tours, upcoming events, contests and more by clicking here.


Glensheen sits on 12 historic acres. The original gardens and landscape used trees from around Minnesota and the United States. Learn more about how Glesheen’s garden staff revitalizes and cares for such historic plans by clicking here.


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Glensheen’s blog is housed on Medium, and a variety of engaged contributors provide content in a variety of categories.

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Video Blogs

Sometimes, you just want to be part of the action. Follow Glensheen’s video blogs as we bring you on tours, explore the gardens, fly over the estate, and explore new spaces. Often live, you’ll witness the successes and comical struggles of Glensheen’s team as we traverse the 12-acre, lakeside estate. Click here to start your viewing journey.

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