Library Highlights

Come with us as we dive into one of the cozier rooms at Glensheen. From statues to paintings by Clara herself the library is full of surprises… READ MORE.

Living Room Highlight - A Deep Dive Into One Of The Most Impressive Room's at Glensheen.

Entering the living room is one of those stop and stare moments for almost every Glensheen visitor. There is no shortage of skilled craft work, incredible art glass, and the rare Numidian marble, to learn more about some of the awesome pieces in this room go ahead and READ MORE…  

Smoking Den Highlights

Smoking room

Smoking Den Highlights. Come with us as we dive into this small room packed with must see nooks and crannies…. Read More.

Reception Room Highlights

Five things you might not know about the reception room get explored in this blog… READ MORE.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat(house)

We found something cool.

Or rather, a construction crew dug up… READ MORE

Gowns of Glensheen: An Inside Look at Glensheen's Most Spectacular Soirées

Let’s be real, Glensheen probably hosted some pretty rad parties back in the day. Walking through the enormous mansion, it’s clear that the Congdons… READ MORE 

2018 Glensheen Bonding Bill

Governor Mark Dayton released his new public works bonding proposal January 18th…Included within this higher education request is $4 million to fund urgent repairs…READ MORE

Shoreline and boathouse damage

First off — we are still open…READ MORE

Hidden Glensheen Stations

Informally called the Bonus Stations, these stations give you a chance to catch a glimpse of rarely seen artifacts…READ MORE

2 shocking changes for 17'

We were able to restore two spaces that have a shocking change from what they looked like before…READ MORE

What is going on?

3 separate construction projects is the answer…READ MORE

$3.5 million in restoration pt 1/3

What was done? How has Glensheen changed?…READ MORE