• What are your hours?

    Glensheen’s hours vary depending on the season. For the most up-to-date information, checkout our current hours.

  • What is the price to take a tour?

    Prices vary for each tour and, often, the age of the individual. For Adults, prices start at $15 for a Classic Tour. You can see the full pricing information by visiting each tour page.

  • How do the tours differ?

    The tours can differ in multiple ways, but the main difference between tours is the areas visitors see. While the Classic and Full Mansion Tours focus on various floors of the mansion, the Nooks & Crannies tour has a much larger focus on some of the estate’s outbuildings. For more information on the types of tours and how they differ, you can visit the individual tour pages.

  • Do I have to reserve tickets ahead of time?

    You do not have to reserve tickets ahead of time, but we suggest buying your tickets online in advance if you prefer a particular tour or time. During our peak seasons, tours sell out fast and we only reserve a small amount for purchasing in-person on the day-of.

  • When do you offer the Flashlight Tours?

    Currently, we are only able to offer Flashlight Tours in the winter (January – April). This is because the Flashlight Tour requires complete darkness in the mansion; the availability is dependent on the sunset.

  • Are there group discounts?

    Glensheen is happy to offer group discounts to both adult groups and school groups. Groups must have 10 or more individuals to qualify. Please visit our Group Tour pages for more information.

  • Do you have onsite parking?

    Glensheen does have an on-site parking lot, which provides free parking for tour or event visitors. During our peak tour season, or during popular events, the lot can fill up quickly. When this happens, visitors are encouraged to find a legal space to park within the nearby city streets.

  • Will there be a tour guide?

    Most of the tours at Glensheen offer individual tour guides for each tour group. However, the Classic Tour does not during peak hours (summer and the Christmas season).

  • Does the tour include the grounds?

    Before and after your tour, you are welcomed to enjoy and explore the 12-acre Glensheen estate A separate, guided, in-depth Grounds Tour is also offered during the summer season. If you would prefer to enjoy the grounds without taking a tour, you can also purchase a Grounds Pass for just $5 per person, per day.

  • How frequently do the tours start?

    When at capacity, Classic Tours start approximately every 10-20 minutes with Full Mansion Tours and Flashlight Tours* beginning every thirty minutes. Nooks & Crannies Tours* and Servants Tours* are offered twice a day, and Premier Tours are by appointment only. More information on each tour can be found on the individual tour pages.

    *Indicates tours offered seasonally.

  • How long is the tour?

    Tour lengths vary depending on the type of tour. The Classic Tour is the shortest tour at about one hour, and the Premier Tour is the longest tour at over two hours. You can find each tour length and additional information on the individual tour pages.

  • Are the tours handicap accessible?

    The Carriage House, the first floor and lower level of the mansion are fully handicap accessible. Videos of the second floor through the attic (depending on the tour purchased) will be provided to any guests who feels uncomfortable with stairs.

  • Can I bring a stroller?

    Glensheen mansion sits on a 12-acre estate, and there may be quite a bit of walking involved during your visit. For this reason, strollers are certainly allowed around the property. However, strollers are not allowed within the mansion. At the start of your tour, an attendant will carefully place your stroller in a secure area where you may pick it up at the conclusion of the tour.

  • Can I bring my pet with me to Glensheen?

    At this time, Glensheen does not allow pets or emotional support animals on the property. We do, however, welcome service dogs.

  • Is information given about the murder during the tour?

    Tours at the historic Glensheen estate strive to focus on life in the early 20th century, the era during which the estate was constructed. The unfortunate 1977 event is but a tiny slice of the rich history of the Congdon family and their beloved Duluth home. Please understand that we do not highlight the tragedy because we choose not to exploit the event, or allow it to overshadow the Congdon family legacy.

    If you would like to learn more about it, three books have been published on the subject and more information is available on the internet.

  • Can we bring our own food?

    Glensheen welcomes visitors to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds before or after tours. However, in order to keep the estate safe for all of our employees and visitors, coolers, alcohol and glass are prohibited. Food is restricted to outdoor areas, and only water is permitted inside the mansion. A valid ticket or grounds pass must be purchased for the same day.

  • Is there any food available for purchase?

    Glensheen’s Gift Shop offers an assortment of sodas, water and goodies (such as locally made jam and caramel popcorn). However, at this time we are unable to offer expanded food options. Many of our visitors enjoy bringing a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds before or after their tour.

  • Can you take pictures or video?

    Glensheen visitors are encouraged to take non-flash photos inside the mansion or on the grounds. If you post your photos on social media (#Glensheen), you could get a shout-out from the Glensheen staff or even win a prize! Videos, however, are still prohibited.

  • Do you host any luncheons or dinners?

    Currently, Glensheen does not host any luncheons or dinners aside from our annual fundraiser, the Glensheen Gala. Should you want to host your own luncheon or dinner please contact our event staff at [email protected] or 218-726-8932. More information about hosting an event at Glensheen can be found by visiting our Venue Rentals pages.