Come Early or Come Late

Honestly, these quieter periods are also the most beautiful moments on the estate. The early morning offers dew-covered gardens and softer light for photography. It’s also enlightening to see the grounds crew at work keeping everything tidy and beautiful at the beginning of the day. Evenings —now we’re open to 9pm (!)— offer their own loveliness with cooler temps and lighter foot traffic on the grounds (plus food & drinks options — for more on that, keep scrolling).

Moon rising over Glensheen Pier 

Watch a sunset

One can hardly overstate the beauty of sitting on the Glensheen shoreline and watching the sunset over Lake Superior. The grounds has an abundance of comfortable seating from picnic tables to benches to chairs to simply setting oneself down on the pier.

Sailboat cruises by Glensheen shoreline 

Grab a Drink, Order Dinner

Yes, now that our new Lake Superior Beach Club is open every evening from 4:00pm-9:00pm, one can enjoy a beer, glass of wine and even order food delivery to the estate. It’s a great way to end a late afternoon tour of the mansion. Lawn and board games are also available for free checkout.

Lake Superior Beach Club at Glensheen open 4pm — 9pm, free admission 

Bring your Camera

For many years, photography was not allowed in the mansion, but those dark days are over. Bring your camera and if you choose a self-guided tour, you’ll have all the time you need to compose a beautiful shot. Or, you could even take one of our photo tours where you’ll be guided to the most photogenic spots on the estate.

Come make your masterpiece!

Leave the Strollers

To protect the historic home, strollers cannot come along on tour. So, unless you’re only exploring the grounds, it’s best to keep them in the car.

On Tour at Glensheen 

Secret Spots

Along the grounds are 13 educational signs that tell the story of a given space. These include the tennis courts, the picnic spot in Bent Brook, the stone arch bridge — and many more spots. If you find all of them, you’ll have really seen the best that Glensheen has to offer.

Delightful Bent Brook

Bring a picnic!

It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic spot for eating al fresco. We have tables and seating, and after 4:00pm, local restaurants will deliver right onto the estate — menus provided!

Picnics Welcome

Move it, Move it and save some $

If you walk, bike or even kayak to Glensheen you’ll save $2 on your ticket!

Kayaks at the estate 

Don’t Miss West Porch

One of the best views on the entire estate is from a porch on the west side of the mansion (towards downtown Duluth). Staff often calls it “Chester’s Porch” in reference to this historic photo of Chester Congdon reading in this beautiful open air location. The view is directly down Tischer Creek and onto our beloved stone arch bridge. Please, please — do not miss it.

West Porch, Glensheen Estate

Chester Congdon enjoying West Porch 

Gifts of the Lake

Please take some time to really sit and enjoy Lake Superior. Vacations can be hectic themselves, so take a few minutes to skip rocks, walk the pier and take a good long gander at the lift bridge. Also, walk over to where Tischer Creek runs into the big lake — you might see some of our resident ducks.

Look for freighters, throw rocks, take in summer 


Lastly, it’s always a great idea to pre-purchase tickets — particularly if you’re hoping to go on a full-house or a speciality tour. (You can look through tour options here.)

Tours sell out pretty quickly in the summer You can reserve your tickets by clicking HERE.