Ok, because of the number 1 on the list (Bentleyville), Duluth has become a Christmas destination. But there are other great Christmas experiences that make your Duluth Christmas get-away even more spectacular.

Hopefully you will see why we think we are Minnesota’s Christmas Destination.

1. Bentleyville

2. Hot Cocoa on top of the Radisson (Best view of Bentleyville)

3. Glensheen Mansion — Self-guided Christmas Tour

4. Fitger’s Shopping Complex

5. North Shore Scenic Railroad — Christmas City Express



1. Bentleyville

It is America’s largest free walk through light display. There are over 4 million lights on over 20 acres of land. It is truly a sight to behold.


2. Hot Cocoa on top of the Radisson — Best View of Bentleyville

So after you have taken your walk and maybe your group is a little cold…Go to the Radisson Hotel and take the elevator to the top floor to their restaurant, JJ Astor. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees and provides a great view of Duluth, but an even greater view of Bentleyville from above.

So go get a cup of Hot Cocoa for the kids… and maybe something more relaxing for yourself.

3. Glensheen — Self guided Christmas Tour

It is the start of a new day and what better way to start it than a tour of Glensheen Mansion decked out in Christmas. There are 25 Christmas Treesand are found in nearly every space of the Mansion. There are also 25 hidden Christmas Elves for your little ones to try and find. Come see why it is the Midwest’s most visited house museum.

Tour is also self-guided — way easier for kids.

BTW — If Is it cold outside…it is not in a Mansion.

25 hidden elves

4. Fitger’s Shopping Complex

They have Santa

They have Reindeer

They have some of Duluth’s best shopping and eating.

Enough said.

They now really look forward to seeing Santa—I swear

Great Food and Shopping (Boat Club featured here)

5. North Shore Scenic Railroad — Christmas City Express

The train ride takes off from Fitger’s and rides by Bentleyville and then stops at the Duluth Historic Union Depot and then eventually heads back to Fitger’s. While at the Depot, your kids get to hear the story of the Christmas City Express told by professional actors and storytellers. During the telling of the story…there is a surprise visit from Santa. This is a great family activity.

Train conductor loading the train at Fitger’s

Professional actors and storytellers tell the “Christmas City Express” story.

railroad family selfie