’Twas an evening at Glensheen, and all through the house

Guests were a ‘touring — with kid, friend, and spouse;

The stars brightly twinkling in the fresh, cold, crisp air,

We arrived in the parking lot — glad to be there.

We followed the path — to the gift shop it led,

There greeted by a guide with a top hat on his head;

He gathered the group — we were off in a snap,

When at the front door he knocked — “tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!”

The door opened wide and we all ceased our chatter,

We climbed the front steps with a light pitter patter;

Two tour guides met us and we were off in a dash,

We saw the gold ceiling — starting off with a flash!

We saw other rooms and followed the tour’s flow,

Learning lots of things by the Christmas tree lights’ glow;

Soon we entered the library, at a tree we did peer,

It was decked with ornaments that the Congdons held dear.

We took time to look — so the memories would stick,

Then followed the guides up the stairs quick;

We looked through more rooms, no two looked the same,

We heard ‘bout the family and what brought them fame.

Almost each room had its own tree and when

We saw them we were awed again and again;

They came in all sizes, from medium to small,

The one in the main hall was incredibly tall.

The branches reached up through the staircase so high

It looked as though it almost reached the sky;

From the base of the tree poinsettias did spew,

In honor of the ones the Congdon’s gardener grew.

They were grown in the greenhouse where they were cold proof,

Then delivered to neighbors by carriage and horse hoof;

The ones not delivered were used all around,

To decorate Glensheen — poinsettias abound!

The tour continued — through the house we set foot,

On Christmas stories emphasis was put;

We soon reached the kitchen — a tree it didn’t lack,

Here we found Clara’s shortbread cookies — what a great snack!

We continued the journey — our moods all so merry,

We found 20 elves — Elf Hunt Books some guests carried;

Next, the guides led us into a room many know,

We entered the Breakfast Room with tree lights aglow.

Continuing on to the basement beneath,

In the Billiard’s room, the elk was wearing a wreath!

We all smiled and laughed with joy in our belly,

Much like that of Santa Claus — like a bowl full of jelly.

We finished the tour — each beside one’s self,

From the trees, to the lights, to the elves on the shelf;

We left the mansion with Christmas thoughts in our head,

Excitement was growing about the holiday ahead.

When walking out we turned around with a jerk,

As we looked at the mansion — we felt Christmas magic work;

We admired the beauty as the joy in our hearts rose,

What a wonderful way for our evening to close!

We walked the path out to the car with a whistle,

An hour after the start was the tour’s dismissal;

The mansion is always a beautiful sight,

But it sure feels like Christmas to see Glensheen by candlelight!

Thanks to Amanda Kasperson.