Glensheen launches it’s new newsletter, the Lookbook, in July of 2016! Join us on a photographic journey of the estate, see new spaces, and join in the events that help make Glensheen Minnesota’s #1 house museum.

Lookbook - Vol. 3

The Lookbook Volume 3 reflects back on the winter and spring seasons at Glensheen. See new renovations to the mansion, and get a look at the fourth Glensheen Gala.

Click here to view the September 2017 – Vol. 3 Lookbook.

Lookbook - Vol. 2


Volume 2 of Glensheen’s Lookbook showcases the estate during a gorgeous Lake Superior fall, gives a look into the newly restored Gardener’s (Bridal) Cottage, and gives a glimpse into the mansion as it gets decked out for the Christmas season.

Click here to view the December 2016 – Vol. 2 Lookbook.

Lookbook - Vol. 1

In this July 2016 volume, the first Lookbook, Glenhseen explores the gardens in their full summer glory, a sneak peak to the all-new Servants Tour is shown, and one of the fifteen new spaces—Robert’s Room—is revealed.

Click here to view the July 2016 – Vol. 1 Lookbook.