Guided Tours List & Info (Holiday Season)

If you’ve only been on the general tour, you’ve missed the other half of the mansion: the third floor & attic.…READ MORE

10 Tips & Tricks for Glensheen's Christmas Tours 2018

New to this year, we have created a companion app for your general admission tour of Glensheen. All smart phone devices can download the app.…READ MORE

New “Summer Evening Tour” Pro Tips

You may have heard: we’re now open until 9pm every day, we have a new Summer Evening (crazy new) Tour, and we opened a public bar on the shoreline of Lake Superior…READ MORE.

Director Update: 6-29-18

Yep… here is the next one. So in this week’s update, I am going to cover: Servant’s Porch Construction Update. So it is almost done…READ MORE

Director Update: Glensheen is near Full Strength

June 8th, 2018 — Summer is my favorite time of the year. For me it is when I feel Glensheen is at full strength. If I personally were to show off Glensheen, it would be in the summer…READ MORE

Top 4 reasons to go to Glensheen when it's raining in Duluth

We like to say — it is always nicer in a Mansion…READ MORE

2018 Glensheen Bonding Bill

Governor Mark Dayton released his new public works bonding proposal January 18th…Included within this higher education request is $4 million to fund urgent repairs…READ MORE

10 Tips & Tricks for Glensheen Christmas Tour

We intentionally setup a couple of things on the property for visitors to try and go find. One is a reproduction Christmas sleigh…READ MORE

Top 5 Christmas Things to do in Duluth

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7 Duluth Winter Village Tips

Duluth Loves Local’s Duluth Winter Village event at Glensheen is awesome…There are definitely some ways to get yourself prepared for the best experience possible….READ MORE

Shoreline and boathouse damage

First off — we are still open…READ MORE


How is Glensheen kid friendly? We have spent some time trying to make the experience better…READ MORE

2 shocking changes for 17'

We were able to restore two spaces that have a shocking change from what they looked like before…READ MORE

Glensheen Gala 2017 Blog

Enjoy a wine on the shore at one of the past’s most exclusive Duluth locations — Glensheen Estate…READ MORE

The double-homicide of Glensheen

Why doesn’t Glensheen talk more about the double homicide that occurred in the home?…READ MORE


For many who come to Duluth, there are usually a variety of reasons that bring you to Duluth — from Tall Ships, to Canal Park, to Lake Superior. But, what do you do after that?…READ MORE

A legacy forgotten — Chester Congdon and the North Shore Drive.

Few of Chester Congdon’s visions or projects are as successful as his dream of a North Shore Drive. His title for the project — the Lake Superior International Highway…READ MORE

15 New Spaces

You may have been to Glensheen before, but you haven’t seen it like this…READ MORE

The New Summer Tour

Every year for Christmas, our tour gets bigger and better. Well now, so does our Summer Tour…READ MORE

What is going on?

3 separate construction projects is the answer…READ MORE

$3.5 million in restoration pt 1/3

What was done? How has Glensheen changed?…READ MORE